What ETV data is provided?

The Essential Terrestrial Variables available on HydroTerre  (~200TB at present) represents the fundamental national data necessary to run high resolution catchment models anywhere in the USA. We provide this data service so scientists, students and other research organizations can use these data for their own research and experimentation at a HUC 12 scale. At present, the following national datasets are provided (see Data References link for full references):

 Elevation from USGS NED Soils from SSURGO and GSSURGO Soils from Statsgo NLDAS Forcing Variables  
USGS NED Soils from Surgo Soil from Statsgo NLDAS Forcing
National Land Cover Database Geology based on Soils NHD HUC12 NHD Streams  
Landcover Geology NHD HUC12s NHD Streams