Welcome to HydroTerre EMS Article Help Page!

To use the web service to retrieve ETV data, follow these steps:

You should see a map similar to this image.
To navigate the map:
            [Zoom in or out] by using the mouse scroll wheel.
            [Pan] Hold the left mouse button and drag the map.

To start the ETV data download process:
            Click on the Download ETV Data Button highlighted in a yellow box.

To get access to the ETV data.
[Step 1] is enter your email address.
             An email is sent to this address with a link to where to download the data from.

[Step 2] Select a watershed HUC.
To do this click on the pencil point tool and select between the light blue polygon.
            The watershed will appear as a blue filled polygon.

[Step 3] Specify dates for the forcing time series data.
            The longer the period, the longer the data retrieval takes.
            Allow 30 seconds per year worth of forcing data.

[Last Step ] Click on the Generate ETV data input button.
                   You will see a message indicating how long the process will take.

[Tip #1 ] You will see a message indicating the task completed for small watersheds.

[Tip #2 ] As you zoom into the map, more data is revealed, such as soils.
            You can control the map contents by clicking on the map legend checkboxs.

[Tip #3 ] An email is sent to the address provided. Please check your spam folder.
               The email address is from hydro.terre.psu@gmail.com

The contents of the zip file contains Elevation, Soil, Geology, Landcover and Forcing